Logo, storage facility in the Crofton-Bowie area

Boxes, storage facility in the Crofton-Bowie area

Storage Tips

• Do not use newspaper to pack as the print can rub off
• Use cardboard or pallets on concrete floors
• Defrost refrigerators and freezers thoroughly to prevent mildew
• Drain gas from lawn mowers and power tools
• Wipe bicycles and tools with a little oil as a rust protector
• Store refrigerators and freezers with doors ajar
• Use shelving, refrigerators and freezers for extra storage
• Disassemble bed frames and tables, when possible, lean them against an inside wall
• Avoid leaning furniture on outside walls
• Store couches and office furniture on end vertically
• Separate lamp stands and shades storing shades on taller items.
• Store mirrors & pictures upright
• Cover upholstered furniture with cotton or wool drop cloths